How to Reduce Septic Mound Height

Have you been told that you need a septic mound? Are you worried about a large septic mound ruining your yard? There are some technologies that can be used to lower your septic mound.

If you are in Tampa Bay Area and have been told that you need a mounded drainfield for your septic system then give Tampa Septic a call and we can go over the different options that are available for your site. There are two systems I would like to discuss. One being the GeoMat leaching system by GeoMatrix. The second is Wasteflow PC drip irrigation by Geoflow.

GeoMat by GeoMatrix – GeoMat is a 1″ thin membrane that allows water to leach into the soil. The system includes a 1″ PVC low pressure dosing system which allows for even distribution of the effluent. The GeoMat system allows a lower profile than typical drainfield products. Many drainfield products range in height from 8.5″ to 13″ in height. GeoMat lowers the septic system down to 1″ of material. Therefore, if you have a 24″ mound with a 12″ product then the system will be 13 inches with the GeoMat system.

GeoMat doesn’t require a secondary treatment system because of the surface area of the drainfield or leachfield. GeoMat can even be used in a gravity scenario or dose to gravity scenario. However, we recommend using a low pressure dosing system.

GeoMat Leaching System

Tampa Septic uses drip irrigation by Geoflow. The vertical profile by Geoflow is only .5″ in height. This is the lowest profile product that is on the market.

Drip irrigation systems in florida require pretreatment prior to dispersal to the drip tubing. Here at TSI we use Norweco Singulair Green TNT system prior to dispersal to drip. These pretreatment systems clean the effluent to a higher standard. These systems require maintenance every 6 months by the manufacturer and the State of Florida.

ATU treatment and Geoflow drip irrigation reduces the size of the septic system vertically and horizontally. Drip gets reductions for the treatment and the height of the mound.

Geoflow Drip Irrigation

If you are looking for the most aesthetically pleasing septic system then let Tampa Septic provide a site evaluation and help you with your septic system design.

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